The Goods Dept store open few months ago in Jakarta, and this store is on my "watch retail concept list"..

When you walk into The Goods Dept, housed in a cavernous space at Plaza Indonesia’s third floor, it immediately becomes clear that this is not your typical department store.
The store was conceptualized by organizers of the famed Brightspot Markets — moving flea markets where cutting-edge boutique vendors and designers showcase their wares.
The Goods Dept
Plaza Indonesia Extension, 4th floor

I won't fly without

My Bose noise-cancelling headphones.
My new Canon camera IXUS 300 HS
My Louis Vuitton carry-on bag.
A complimentary business class travel kit with eye mask and socks.
A stack of magazines.
A plane ticket for the next trip.

My travel ritual

-I like to get to the airport early to walk around, inspect the layout, check out the shops and spend some time at the airport bar near my gate. I find the people I meet and the conversations I eavesdrop on most fascinating.
-On my way to the airport, checking (at least 7 times) that my passport is still in my bag’s inner pocket.
-Board long haul flights wearing jeans a blazer, quickly change into extreme comfort: Abercrombie fleece pants, tee and flip-flops, and then switch outfits again.
-Snap a dozen photos of my hotel room before I muck everything up with my luggage.
-A long walk as soon as I arrive; finding the unsung little places where local people eat.
-Purchasing some sort of folk art from my host culture.
-Going to the local grocery store and pharmacy in every country I visit.
-I always bring paper currency home from countries I visit.