Birds Market Jogjakarta

Cute color chicken at the birds market in Jogjakarta.

2010's World gone wild

Earthquakes, heat waves, floods, volcanoes killed at least 250K people in 2010, the deadliest year in more than a generation. This year the Earth struck back......

I visited the Month Merapi Volcano in Jogjakarta on December 22, more than 262 people were kill during the last eruption in November and caused more than 390,000 people to flee. Those pictures I took yesterday show us the magnitude of this Volcano..


I always been a really big fan of the W hotels, for more than 20 years I have following there extension and I believe they created the Boutique Hotels trend everyone copy.

I visited many of there location from NY to San Diego to LA, Montreal to Istanbul and W is still the best hotel chain in my heart. I had lunch with my friend Kim and her husband today in there new location in Koh Samui, Thailand. Amazing Hotel again......


For many years now my friends are asking me how to build a successful trip to Asia, I have being their many time since this became my favorite destination. I traveled using airlines and Hotels points and I learned so much how to used them for travelling Business and First class with less points.
I travel First class using 50K from Star alliance! have you ever flew Singapore Airlines First Class? I learned how to travel using my points and this is my secret....
Working in the fashion industry I always being aware of the hottest hot spot and this is my passion!!
Where to Stay, Eat, and Shop.
From Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Shanghai, Beijing, Saigon, KL, Jakarta, Tokyo, Luang Pradang, Hong- Kong I know those cities more than any cities in the world.
I could help you building a dream trip by using the most of your points.
If you need help please ask me!!!

The new Sand Hotel in Singapore

Yesterday In Singapore I visited the new Sand Hotel
Casino, on the 58 floor they build amazing Sky walk.
This is the view from the infinity pool, WOW amazing..

Shanghai Expo July 2010

Great new robot in the Japenese pavillon at the Expo
In NY city Last week I had lunch at the new Uber-green restaurant from Jean Georges Vongerichten at the ABC store
The menu is local ingredients, lots of all-natural or nature-loving bric-a-brac. Food critic are writing ABC Kitchen, one of the best new restaurants to open this year,the food is so interesting you'll want to return.
it's stuffed with products from ABC Carpet & Home and I know my best friend John will love it!! it is intended to evoke closeness to nature. Furniture is made of huge chunks of driftwood and other flotsam, and expensive, museum-lit, scenic photographs. The best touch, by far, is the non-matching grandma-quality dishware. You'll pick up every piece and wish you had thought to do the same for your home.
The Service provided by a multitude of polite young people who dress and look like college students working at Hollister.
35 East 18th Street, New York, NY; 212-475-5829;

Faena Hotel restaurant by Starck in BA

I took this picture just before the restaurant open for dinner..Wow so Starck

Just bought this antique carpet in Buenos Aires

My favorite Moments in BA

I was hopping to learn Tango in BA during my trip but after spending all day visiting and eating my legs were a little tired for Tango......

Buenos Aires

Just got back from BA yesterday and still stuffing my face with all of the Havana Alfajores little cake OMG so good I bought tons of it..... anyway Buenos Aires is amazing city, ya 10M people leaving in this french looking city. I had the opportunity to spend a full 7 days exploring every landmarks, Museums, hotels, shopping, Bars and restaurants. Palermo Area, San telmo, Centro I walked this city upside down inside out.... I found some amazing stores and restaurant in this south American city.
OK, I need to spend many Post on this city but for now enjoy some of the pictures I took during the week. Just klick on the BA album to see some of my favorite one.

South Beach April 2010

Just got back from a great weekend (birthday) in South Beach Miami. Spend sometime on the beach but also enjoy my time at the new W Hotel, Mondrian and The Setai... I went for a nice lunch on Friday at Wish (yes it was my BD) and a Fabulous Dinner at Red. I always try to eat less meat than possible but being sitting in the top steak house in North America I had to have a piece of meat..... and it was the best steak I had in my life....... yes Red is the best I had so far.

I enjoy my brunch at the new beautiful W hotel and also at the Mondrian Hotel. Next time in SoBe you have to go to Ola (I met really nice people that night at the bar visiting from Toronto) and had amazing dinner including a Mahi Mahi with Plantain crust.

I also shop in the new "All Saints" store on Lincoln and also visit the biggest Y3 store in North America. It was a nice and relaxing weekend having a few "Caipirinha" made my BD weekend out of this world and felt so young again..... lol

South Beach on my birthday

Going to SOBE on Friday for my BD, The new W hotel, the new Standard Hotel and so many new restaurants and Bar since my last visit. I will post pics and blog on Miami next week..... Happy Birthday to me on Friday April 16......

Singapore Art

I just bought those funny guys in an art gallery in Singapore. They make me smile every morning, they are made from recycling soap bottles and are made in South Africa (can't wait to go). Anyway have a look and if you love them I will give you the address of this fun art gallery in Singapore.

Singapore 2010

There is One thing who makes me crazy and it's the comments of people visiting new cities or countries unprepared. With all the technology and website out there you should spend some time discovering your destination before you get there. There is no excuse....... how many time I heard about bad food or comments about boring cities from "stupid" people who did not spend time to research there next destination. I have been to Singapore many times and few people told me this city was boring but they are so wrong because they did not spend time to research what Singapore got to offer. This city is a upcoming place to visit, yes Singapore is changing all the time and is such an interesting city. Which city you know who just open 3 shopping malls on the same street during a world wide recession in 2009?????

Singapore is also building a first class casino set to open in 2011, a taxi driver told me is wife put is name on the black list of the casino because he got problems with gambling (I think there marriage will be over soon)....... 20,000 names is already on this list and it will also cost you around $80US just to get in... love this city. I will post often on this city since I feel home there... I will post some of my favorite restaurants and shopping in this great city soon!!!!

Beijing, China

In July 09' I spent a week in the great city of Beijing, I stayed at the Hilton in the center of the city (Wangfujing) next to the Forbidden city and this was the best location ever!!!

Beijing huge Kilometre-square blocks make most neighbourhoods unwalkable, but the subway system make travel to central sites easy. As for the roads they carry 1,000 new vehicles each day and the traffic is unreal.... If you plan to visit Beijing you will need at least 5 full days since there is so much culture, art, food, shopping to do. A must to visit is the Forbidden City, The Bell Tower, The new National Grand Theatre, The Olympic Stadium, The great Wall of China, Houhai Lake, Hutongs neighbourhood's, Temple of Heaven. For the art lover like me you should plan to spend an afternoon in the beautiful Dashanzi Art Zone. For the Hotels selection Beijing got some of the most beautiful boutique Hotels I saw so far, the new G Hotel, The opposite house are just the new kids on the blocks and go for a drink at the bar. For Dinner you have to go to Lan club Design by Phillipe Starck, This bar/restaurant is huge and out of this world, prepare to bring a camera because the decor is pure starck on crack...

Go to Made in China for lunch for the best Duck in town and during your afternoon visit in Hutong go and relax in a Hanoi style cafe, the "No Name Bar" I got the best view of the lake and got the best lemongrass grill fish. Spend an afternoon in the famous Panjiayuan Market. this is a large out-door Bazaar filled with Chinese stuff go early in the morning. For the best view and the less crowded Great Wall experience go to Mutianyu, it's a 90 minutes ride from the Hotel, take a day tour and bring water..... the Wall is a really good workout and I think I lost 10 pounds that day... feel free to visit my beijing Photo album and if you need more info let me know.


I try to go to Tokyo once or twice a year on my way to Asia, I stop over for a few days and after all those stop over I became really familiar with the Japenese lifestyle. A trip to Tokyo will change your life..... ya with 35Millions of people living in that city this will change the way you see crowd. We all know Japenese love taking pictures when they travel but it is always funny to be the only one taking pictures in Tokyo... In Narita use the Limo bus to get to your hotel ($30 us) or use a cab for $250us. Tokyo is easy to get around with the super-efficient cheap subway system. My favorite location for hotels is in Shinjuku-ku an you got a good selection from the Washigton hotel, Hilton, Park Hyat etc.., it's also a good location for shopping since all the major department stores are located there (Isetan Men I LOVE). The Famous Harajuku area with the luxury Omotesando boulevard is my favorite place to spend hours looking at the stylish japenese walking by (don't forget to visit Kiddyland). Ropponji area with Joel Le Robuchon for lunch is out of this world. after a visit to the 3 museums (Mori, Suntory and The National Museum of Art)...... Visit Shibuya and Marunouchi. In Japan try MOSS (Japenese burger) and eat all the sushi you can because Tokyo got almost more Michelin Stars than France for Restaurant...... you will see after a visit to Tokyo , New York will look like it's a sleeping city.......

My last 20 trips......

Since I just started my travel blog I would like to take you back in 09". I discover some new places and I also went back to my absolutely favorite places..... I started 09 with a trip to London and Barcelona (ya for business but spent an extra few days for me), New York 14 times, San Juan Puerto Rico in April , Beijing in July with Bangkok, Tokyo and Phuket, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Vancouver in August and Singapore, Bali and back to Phuket for new years eve with my friends from Australia, Montreal, Tel Aviv. It was a pretty busy travel year for me but I really enjoy every minutes of it.

In 2010 I am planning my trip to Miami, Hong Kong, New York, Montreal, Shanghai for the Expo, Tokyo, Phuket, Buenos Aires and Rio, Lisbon and more...

My Top List of New York Restaurants

1) Momofuku Ko
2) Corton
3) Le Bernardin
4) Asiate
5) Blue Hill
6) Marea
7) Joel le Robouchon
8) Adour
9) La Grenouille
10) Jean George

My all time favorite
A) Baboo
B) 11 Madison
C) Allen and Delancy
D) Aureole
E) Spice Market
F) Pastis
G) Balthazar

My Favorite restaurant in 2009.

1) Momofuko Ko, New York city
I've been to a lot of restaurant but this one is spectacular in every way, food was the best I've had. It's a small restaurant with a really difficult reservation system.... but if you are able to get a spot in just grab it!!!
The prix fix menu that night was:
amuse 1: togarashi-pork rind and Black pepper and mirin bisquit
amuse 2: savory egg custard with shrimp and peashoots
1. Fluke sashimi with poppy seeds and spicy buttermilk
2. Smoked soft boiled egg with tony potato chips, sweet potato vinegar and onion/butter sautee, and American Hackleback caviar
3. Pork belly slice with oyster and grilled rice in a kimchee consome
4. Seared halibut with picked cauliflower and some sort of apple puree
5. Hand torn egg pasta with chicken/pork/escargot sausage and peccorino cheese topped with crispy fried chicken skins
6. shaved foie gras over lychee and reisling jellee and pine nut brittle - shouju
7. 14 day old dried sirloin with white trumpet mushroom, pickled oinion and jalapeno puree
dessert 1: guava sorbet in a cream cheese skin over cheesecake puree
dessert 2: lemon curd and black sesame ice cream with funnel cake
standouts were definitely the fluke, the foie dish and the funnel cake dessert."