Need to have some work done?

I just found out this great chocolat brand from Japan during my last trip to Jakarta, If you are looking to get work done around you should give some of those tools from Maqui's Kobe Japan.

China to build world’s biggest airport

China is planning to build the world’s biggest airport in Beijing, serving the capital and the surrounding regions of Tianjin and Hebei. Existing facilities are already running close to capacity and there is little or no room for expansion, reports The Telegraph. Consequently city planers have identified a 54km2 site, almost the size of Bermuda. When opens in 2015, it will process an estimated 370,000 passengers per day, making it the world’s busiest airport, ahead of Atlanta in the US which currently serves approximately 240,000 passengers per day......

View from 101 Taipei

Iluma, the newest mall in Singapore

Located at Bugis Junction, I visited the newest mall in Singapore few months ago. Targeting the Y generation this mall is doing a really good job. Again an extra Mall to visit next time in Singapore.

My ANA Business Class Dinner Tokyo-LAX "Lucky me, got upgrade"

JIm Thompson restaurant in Bangkok

I have been a really big fan of Jim Thompson's fabric. This is Jim Thompson legend.
In the twenty years before his ill-fated holiday in Malaysia, he had accomplished more than most men in a full life. He had built a major industry in a remote and little known country whose language he could not speak; he had become an authority on an art that, previously, he scarcely knew existed and had assembled a collection that attracted scholars from all over the world; he had built a home that was a work of art in itself and one of the landmarks of Bangkok; and, in the process of doing all this, he had become a sort of landmark himself, a personality so widely known in his adopted homeland that a letter addressed simply 'Jim Thompson, Bangkok' found its way to him in a city of three and a half million people.

Love this hotel lobby sculpture in Taipei!

Great window made with paper bags (NY this weekend)

After Torino New York get Eataly!

Eataly, home of Mario B. new restaurant Birreria, busy with Italien tourist the place is worth a visit for lunch

My favorite store in NY is opening a second location on Bleecker St.

Bleecker Street is changing with many new French ladieswear stores but my favorite store in NY is getting ready to open cross the street from Magnolia Bakery, Welcome Rugby on Bleecker!!!

The Jane Hotel New York

Pictures of the Bar and the restaurant of The Jane Hotel in NY.

Nolitan Hotel New York

I stayed in a new Hotel in Nolita call Nolitan, only 3 weeks old this small hotel with 53 rooms is in a perfect location, between the West village and Soho. The rooms floor set up is perfect and well done. Perfect hotel far away from the tourist of Time Square.

D’Espresso, upside-down or just flipped on its side cafe

I spotted this on NY times recently and just had to visit it. Located on Madison Avenue, D’Espresso, designed by Nemo Workshop, conceptually and literally turns a normal room sideways, creating a striking identity for the emerging brand, according to the the designers.
The "books" are actually tiles printed with sepia-toned photos of bookshelves at a local travel bookstore that ring the room, including the floor, walls and ceiling. And the spherical glass lights jut out horizontally from behind the bar, rather than hanging from the ceiling.

The "floor" is the left-hand wall with a dark hardwood herringbone pattern. The banquette almost looks like a couch that could be resting on that floor.
And BTW the coffee is excellent!!

The Goods Dept store open few months ago in Jakarta, and this store is on my "watch retail concept list"..

When you walk into The Goods Dept, housed in a cavernous space at Plaza Indonesia’s third floor, it immediately becomes clear that this is not your typical department store.
The store was conceptualized by organizers of the famed Brightspot Markets — moving flea markets where cutting-edge boutique vendors and designers showcase their wares.
The Goods Dept
Plaza Indonesia Extension, 4th floor

I won't fly without

My Bose noise-cancelling headphones.
My new Canon camera IXUS 300 HS
My Louis Vuitton carry-on bag.
A complimentary business class travel kit with eye mask and socks.
A stack of magazines.
A plane ticket for the next trip.

My travel ritual

-I like to get to the airport early to walk around, inspect the layout, check out the shops and spend some time at the airport bar near my gate. I find the people I meet and the conversations I eavesdrop on most fascinating.
-On my way to the airport, checking (at least 7 times) that my passport is still in my bag’s inner pocket.
-Board long haul flights wearing jeans a blazer, quickly change into extreme comfort: Abercrombie fleece pants, tee and flip-flops, and then switch outfits again.
-Snap a dozen photos of my hotel room before I muck everything up with my luggage.
-A long walk as soon as I arrive; finding the unsung little places where local people eat.
-Purchasing some sort of folk art from my host culture.
-Going to the local grocery store and pharmacy in every country I visit.
-I always bring paper currency home from countries I visit.

Full Moon In Luang Prabang

A full moon in Luang Prabang is a celebration in the Monk and Novice community. Special ritual including shaving hair is part of this most amazing tradition of this community.

March 11, 2011 Dark day in Japan

Today is a really sad day in Japan, After a major Quake hit the east coast of Japan, thousand of people lost there life. My thought goes to all Japenese people.

Smiles from Cambodia

This is one of my favorite picture I took in Cambodia

Monkey at Uluwatu in Bali

Kouang Si Waterfall Laos