South Beach April 2010

Just got back from a great weekend (birthday) in South Beach Miami. Spend sometime on the beach but also enjoy my time at the new W Hotel, Mondrian and The Setai... I went for a nice lunch on Friday at Wish (yes it was my BD) and a Fabulous Dinner at Red. I always try to eat less meat than possible but being sitting in the top steak house in North America I had to have a piece of meat..... and it was the best steak I had in my life....... yes Red is the best I had so far.

I enjoy my brunch at the new beautiful W hotel and also at the Mondrian Hotel. Next time in SoBe you have to go to Ola (I met really nice people that night at the bar visiting from Toronto) and had amazing dinner including a Mahi Mahi with Plantain crust.

I also shop in the new "All Saints" store on Lincoln and also visit the biggest Y3 store in North America. It was a nice and relaxing weekend having a few "Caipirinha" made my BD weekend out of this world and felt so young again..... lol

South Beach on my birthday

Going to SOBE on Friday for my BD, The new W hotel, the new Standard Hotel and so many new restaurants and Bar since my last visit. I will post pics and blog on Miami next week..... Happy Birthday to me on Friday April 16......

Singapore Art

I just bought those funny guys in an art gallery in Singapore. They make me smile every morning, they are made from recycling soap bottles and are made in South Africa (can't wait to go). Anyway have a look and if you love them I will give you the address of this fun art gallery in Singapore.

Singapore 2010

There is One thing who makes me crazy and it's the comments of people visiting new cities or countries unprepared. With all the technology and website out there you should spend some time discovering your destination before you get there. There is no excuse....... how many time I heard about bad food or comments about boring cities from "stupid" people who did not spend time to research there next destination. I have been to Singapore many times and few people told me this city was boring but they are so wrong because they did not spend time to research what Singapore got to offer. This city is a upcoming place to visit, yes Singapore is changing all the time and is such an interesting city. Which city you know who just open 3 shopping malls on the same street during a world wide recession in 2009?????

Singapore is also building a first class casino set to open in 2011, a taxi driver told me is wife put is name on the black list of the casino because he got problems with gambling (I think there marriage will be over soon)....... 20,000 names is already on this list and it will also cost you around $80US just to get in... love this city. I will post often on this city since I feel home there... I will post some of my favorite restaurants and shopping in this great city soon!!!!